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    Want to improve your knowledge? Mini Apps is here for you!


    Obtaining cryptocurrencies is different from obtaining physical currency. Instead of getting shares or physical money, you get the digital coins instead.


    Mini Apps

    MiniApps is a visual editor with plugins that make it very easy to come up with a chatbot. You do not need to have any special skills to use create a chatbot.



    Google has banned crypto mining apps from devices. In an update to its Play Store policies on July 26, 2018, Google incl a section that bans crypto mining apps.


    About Us

    At Trans ip, we go out of our way to simplify complex solutions. We believe in providing you with solutions that are not only easy to implement and memorable.


    Our goal at

    We provide you with all the information you need to know about MiniApps. We strive to keep you up to date on emerging trends. We believe that everyone has the right to information and we are glad to be the blog that provides you with that need. We make solutions that appear advanced or complicated simple enough for you to implement on your own or with little help. Whether you are a newbie that is out to get some information or an experienced person just looking to add to their knowledge, we are the place for you.

    We try our best to figure out the needs and interests of our audience before addressing them. Our content is targeted to inform, educate, and simplify issues in a clear and entertaining way. We try to keep everything short to cater to the needs of all our audience members. Our content is always relevant and easily digestible so you do not have to worry about endless scrolling. You can skim through the content in no time and get all the information that you need. does not just tell you what to do. We show how to go about different processes successfully. Our goal is to be useful to you not just in theory but practically too. The blog tries to make technical things as easy as possible for you. Read more...
    We believe that all businesses should take advantage of MiniApps to simplify their operations. It is founded on a pretty simple, easy to grasp idea and that could help to deal with the day to day problems that come with business operations. All businesses and individuals can use MiniApps to create mini-applications from templates. Out of all the services that are available for small and medium businesses, companies are spoilt for choice. We explain to you why using MiniApps could contribute to more reliable billing, payment security, and proper implementation of payment costs. We encourage modern businesses and business owners to take advantage of chatbots, mobile apps, and messengers. We also offer information about Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is one of the most popular ones. Bitcoin currency is decentralized. It can be used anywhere in the world and is not supported or controlled at all. This is probably what sets it apart the most. The worth, therefore, is whatever you make of it. Whatever you exchange your bitcoin for is the worth. This is just special. This property can only be compared to valuable metal such as gold. The value of gold is the same no matter where it is found. The advantage, however, is that bitcoin can make transactions. They can be used without being touched. This is why bitcoin has been nicknamed the digital gold. Apart from being decentralized like gold, it is also able to act as currency. You can also trade these currencies online with Forex brokers. The best Forex broker in the business is Plus500. While the founder of this marvellous creation prefers to remain anonymous, his contributions are certainly not. You do not need a bank or any administrative official for that matter. You can use or store the currency at will. As if that is not enough, just about anyone can mint this form of currency. You do not even need to get out of your house or to give your name. The transactions you make will be stored in a public ledger but your identity is completely anonymous.